Pachymeningitis in Ulcerative Colitis: Accidental Association?

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Abir Derbel
Mariem Ghribi
Olfa Frikha
Leila Mnif
Sameh Marzouk
Nabil Tahri
Zouhir Bahloul


Pachymeningitis is a rare disease defined as diffuse or localized inflammatory and fibrosing thickening of the dura mater. Its occurrence in context of Ulcerative colitis has been exceptionally described. We report a case of a woman with ulcerative colitis who developed pachymeningitis in the same time of the flare up of her disease. She was suffered from debilitating headache without any other neurological abnormalities. Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging was revealed pachymeningitis. The patient presented a recurrent pachymeningitis associated to her ulcerative colitis; Corticosteroids improved initially her digestive and neurological symptoms therefore, a subtotal colectomy and a second round of steroids were indicated with resolution of the symptoms.

Pachymeningitis, ulcerative colitis, neurological abnormalities.

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Derbel, A., Ghribi, M., Frikha, O., Mnif, L., Marzouk, S., Tahri, N., & Bahloul, Z. (2020). Pachymeningitis in Ulcerative Colitis: Accidental Association?. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Neurology, 3(2), 19-23. Retrieved from
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